How to maintain a wood cutting board

First of all, take care of your wood cutting board and it will pay you off with a lifetime of loyal service. Most likely you can significantly prolong the performance of a wood cutting board. Don’t forget to treat it with the respect that a natural product deserves. Also give it some extra attention periodically. Above all, extremes of dampness and dryness can expand and contract the wood significantly to cause minor seasonal cracks to become visible, usually at the ends.  The cracking might occur when wood has been soaked or when it is moved from hot to cold surfaces rapidly.  Learn how to maintain a wood cutting board, find more about Cutting Board Care Kit and Cutting Board Oils. An cutting board expert Paul Clark shares his best practices on how to maintain a wood cutting board.

General Care

First of all, hand wash in warm soapy water every time after using it. Second, dry with towel. Finally, put it on a rack.

Never soak wood cutting board in water for a long period of time.

Never put a wood cutting board into the dishwasher.

Do not store wooden boards on shelves or in cabinets near the oven or in direct sunlight. This may dry them out rapidly and can buckle or crack the wood.

Do not put cutting board in the fridge. Wood does not like rapid changes in heat or humidity.

Do not wash your cutting board with coarse detergents of any type.

Regular Care with Basic tools

Since most hardwood boards are lacquer-free, the shine of our wood products naturally fades as the oil permeates through the wood or is washed off. However, you can restore color and shine by reapplying a small amount of oil.

You don’t have to oil a board before first using it. Just buy when you have an opportunity and then get into a routine.

Periodically scrub your wood cutting board with a little bit of Baking Soda, lightly sprinkle it over the top of the board. Take a half of a lemon and squeeze the juice over the surface and then move lemon in small circular motions until you covered the entire surface. Most likely you will use both halves of the lemon to do it. Baking Soda will help to pull up any of the stains or smells that might be locked in your Board. Lemon acts as a natural disinfectant. Once you get to the end of the Board, just grab a nice hot wet towel and wipe down the Board. You might need to rinse your towel off a few times to clean the Board. After finishing your Board should feel nice, smooth and creamy. Use Mineral Oil every couple of weeks or when you see that your Cutting Board is getting too dry and need more moisture. There are different options of Cutting Board Mineral Oils, we recommend this one:

4 oz - Food Grade Mineral Oil for Stainless Steel, Cutting Boards and Butcher Blocks, NSF

Regular Care with Advanced tools

Certainly there are more comprehensive solutions that would include all items needed to take care of your cutting board.

We recommend using a CLARK’S Complete Cutting Board Care Kit

CLARK'S Complete Cutting Board Care Kit | Cutting Board Oil (12oz) - Soap (12oz) - Finish Wax (6oz) - Applicator - Scrub Brush - Finishing Pad | Lavender & Rosemary

In addition, you can address all 3 major challenges by using just 1 single set. The set includes special soap to clean the wood cutting board, oil to condition and wax to protect it.

Certainly, it is a most noteworthy complete solution for maintaining all new or aged Cutting Board, Butcher Block, Bamboo Cutting Boards, Salad Bowls, Wood Utensils and Wood Countertops.

Special Clark’s oil penetrates wood deeply – Oil works its way deep into the grain of Butcher Blocks & Cutting Boards. Clark’s wax adds a protective layer. Finally, after applying the oil, add another barrier of protection from unwanted liquids seeping into your kitchenware by using Clark’s Wax.

Above all, buying in combo packs will save you money.

Certainly Clark creates products with safety in mind as a priority number one. All their products are formulated with FDA approved ingredients for direct and indirect contact with food.

Best practices of wood cutting board maintenance

Stay tuned as we are planning to continue updating this Blog. You will get more valuable information on how to care and protect your wood cutting board.

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How to maintain a wood cutting board
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How to maintain a wood cutting board
How to maintain a wood cutting board. Get a valuable advice from the top manufacturers of the best solutions of wood cutting boards.
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