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Top 20 Gifts for Thanksgiving Day 2020

Thanksgiving is a day all about being appreciative and giving thanks. So, you don’t want to show up empty-handed to a Thanksgiving day dinner hosted at a family or friend’s house. Show you’re grateful with one of these Top 20 Gifts for Thanksgiving Day 2020. Most of our recommendations are generic but some of them could be classified as “gifts for men” or “gift ideas for women”. Empower yourself with hostess gift ideas.


1. Thanksgiving pie dish

Let’s start our Thanksgiving gifts ideas with kitchen related items. The main event of Thanksgiving is gathering around the table for the different scrumptious foods. Families and friends spend all day cooking and prepping beautiful and delicious dishes. So, why not present the parts of the meal on something just as lovely?

Precious Moments Bountiful Blessings 179008 Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed Ceramic Pie Plate, White, 9-inches

This perfect Thanksgiving pie dish is a great way to show the depth of your appreciation. Marked with the uplifting words, “ grateful, thankful, blessed,” this deep white ceramic pie plate will get any host or hostess feeling the Thanksgiving day spirit. 


2. Thanksgiving apron

On any day of the year, a kitchen can quickly become one of the messiest places in the house. On Thanksgiving day, the work of preparing the celebrated meal is only intensified. Giving a gift such as a Thanksgiving apron not only shows a hostess your caring gratitude but it also instantly becomes useful and a must-have on the busy day.

Aprons as gifts for men could be very successful as well. A friend of mine was proudly wearing an apron with the following expression: “I don’t need a recipe as I am an Italian”.

Simple, practical and elegant, these Thanksgiving aprons range from classic styles

DII Cotton Thanksgiving Kitchen Apron with Pocket and Extra Long Ties, 28.5 x 26, Cute Women Ruffle Apron for Family Day, Holidays, Christmas and Housewarming Gift-Get Together


to more fun and festive aprons.

Thanksgiving Turkey Apron

You’re sure to find a Thanksgiving apron to perfectly meet anyone’s preference.


3. Sets of Thanksgiving bottle tags

Always an easy and popular choice, wine makes for a perfect Thanksgiving host or hostess present. To make your gift even more memorable and add a tad more festivity to the gesture, personalize wines you’re gifting with Thanksgiving bottle tags.







Forget standard wine bags, and make use of Thanksgiving bottle tags ideas. This Thanksgiving gift adds a creative twist to a standard holiday present.


4. Chocolate cookies gift baskets

Chances are, you don’t know many people–if anyone at all–who DON’T like chocolate. The common love of this treat makes chocolate presents a quick and easy (and yummy) Thanksgiving gift. Check out chocolate cookies gift baskets, such as the Gourmet box by Barnett’s.

Barnett's Chocolate Cookies Gift Basket, Gourmet Christmas Holiday Corporate Food Gifts in Elegant Box, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Birthday or Get Well Baskets Idea

Also a symbol of love, chocolate is a gift choice both hosts and hostesses alike will appreciate. If you’re looking for a gift that everyone at the Thanksgiving day dinner party can enjoy rather than something solely for the host and hostess, you can’t go wrong with chocolate gifts.


5. Nuts gift baskets

Another tasty treat any host or hostess is grateful to receive is nuts gift baskets. Nuts gift baskets is also a host/hostess present that can be enjoyed by everyone at Thanksgiving–you may even say they’ll go nuts over it.  

Holiday Nuts Gift Basket - Gourmet Food Gifts Prime Delivery - Christmas, Mothers & Fathers Day Fruit Nut Gift Box, Assortment Tray - Birthday, Sympathy, Get Well

Holiday nuts gift baskets are an easy yet likable gift that won’t break the bank.


6. Cheese board

In most houses, you’ll be saying “cheese” at some point on Thanksgiving day. With friends and family all gathered together, Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to snap a picture to capture the memories. To make the day even more memorable, consider bringing an equally as cheesy host or hostess gift such as a cheese board.

Bamboo Cheese Board with Cutlery Set, Wood Charcuterie Platter and Serving Meat Board with Slide-Out Drawer with 4 Stainless Steel Knife and Server Set - Perfect Gift Idea

Cheese boards make for a thoughtful Thanksgiving day present that can be put to use immediately that evening, or stored for other special occasions. To thank friends and family for hosting dinner, gift a bamboo cheese board.


7. Thanksgiving dish towels set

Often overlooked, but always useful, a set of dish towels will make for a great Thanksgiving gift this year. Make the gift festive with a Thanksgiving-themed set to add to the host or hostess’s home decor.

DII Cotton Thanksgiving Holiday Dish Towels, 18x28 Set of 2, Decorative Oversized Kitchen Towels, Perfect Home and Kitchen Gift-Be Thankful

Cotton Thanksgiving dish towels are a simple way to show your appreciation on the holiday in a way that won’t cost you too much cash.



8. Roasted turkey hat for adults

While you may be serious about the thanks you give for family, friends, and other wonderful things in your life, that doesn’t mean the holiday isn’t also a time to laugh! Get silly with your Thanksgiving day gift giving by bringing along a roasted turkey hat for adults such as the host or hostess.

Forum Novelties Roasted Turkey Hat for Adults - One Size

Seeing friends and family with a roasted turkey hat on their head is sure to get giggles going around the room. It also makes for a great picture!


9. Turkey glasses

If hats aren’t your gift-giving style, but you’re still looking for a funny present to give those hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, pick up a pair of turkey glasses. These holiday glasses will instantly lighten the mood in a room and raise the level of Thanksgiving festivity!

Tinksky Creative Turkey Glasses Thanksgiving Eyeglasses Cartoon Sunglasses Eye Glasses for Happy Thanksgiving Costume Party Glasses, gift for friends

Your friends will appreciate your sense of humor and creativity when you arrive with turkey glasses. Grab a pair or two of these glasses for friends or family, and get ready to laugh.


10. Festive t-shirt

Another modern and simple way to show your appreciation for those hosting the Thanksgiving dinner is to bring a festive t-shirt.

Choose from funny shirts with silly statements such as, “I’m just here for the pumpkin pie.”

BLESSED mom ThanksgivingT-Shirt for women, mom

Or, go the other direction with your t-shirt style to give a Thanksgiving shirt to express graciousness with a statement such as, “Blessed mom.”


11.Thanksgiving candle holders

No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without a few candles to set the mood. Increase the ambiance by bringing Thanksgiving candle holders as a gift that the host or hostess can make use of that very day.

Set of 6 Turkey Tea Light Candleholders

If you’re still unsure of what to bring to dinner as a Thanksgiving gift, a set of turkey tea light candleholders could be just the thing.

Joynest Crystal Candle Holders Coffee Table Decorative Centerpiece Candlesticks Set for Dining Table Decorations, Gifts for Thanksgiving/Birthday/Valentines Day/Housewarming (Gold, 15.8'')

For something a little more sophisticated, find a crystal candle holder.


12. Thanksgiving flower gifts for women

Has any woman ever disliked receiving flowers? Flowers are one of the most timeless gifts to give, and sure to make any woman smile. It is one of our favorite gift ideas for women.

Flower Gifts For Women - Preserved Fresh Flower Eternity Rose, Unwithered Real Rose, Gift for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary (Silver & Red)

So, it’s no surprise Thanksgiving flower gifts for women are included on this list.


13. Wireless bluetooth karaoke microphone

Want to bring a gift that will turn up the fun and the volume on Thanksgiving day?

BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone,3-in-1 Portable Handheld karaoke Mic Home Party Birthday Speaker Machine for iPhone/Android/iPad/Sony, PC and All Smartphone(Rose Gold)

Gifting a wireless bluetooth karaoke microphone might be just what you need to get the party started after dinner that day. Music lovers will love this techy gift, so get ready to sing your heart out!


14. Thanksgiving magnetic wine glass charms set

Have you ever been at a dinner or a party and set your wine glass down just for a minute, only to lose it among the many wine glasses around the room? It’s easy to forget which glass is yours, especially at bigger gatherings. That makes wine glass charms a thoughtful and useful gift for a holiday present.

Thanksgiving Magnetic Wine Glass Charms Set of 12 Perfect Drink Markers for Stemless Glasses, Champagne Flutes & More - Great Hostess Gift

Thanksgiving magnetic wine glass charms work on any glass or acrylic surface and add a touch more fun to your holiday beverage.


15. Mud pie Thanksgiving spreader set

Spread the love around this Thanksgiving by bringing a mud pie Thanksgiving spreader set as a hostess gift.

Mud Pie Thanksgiving Spreader Set

Both cute and functional, statement spreaders are the perfect way to serve your favorite dessert at Thanksgiving dinner. Break out the pumpkin pie and the hostess’s new spreaders gift, and you’ve got a perfect post-dinner treat.


16. Drinking glasses tumblers cups

You won’t go the day without having a sip of something, so why not bring along a hostess gift that can be used that day and night, and in the future?

Drinking Glasses Tumblers Cups 4 Pack, Premium Drinkware Set Gold Plated, Party Gifts

A pack of drinking glasses tumbers cups makes for a lovely gift on every holiday, and Thanksgiving is no exception. These stylish golden glasses show off your great taste while adding some shine to the room.


17. Wine glasses set

Whether you choose white or red, chances are you’ll be sipping some wine this holiday season, including on Thanksgiving.

Wine Glasses 4 Pack Glassware Set, Gold Plated Premium Drinkware Toasting Glasses, Holiday Party Gifts

Gifting wine glasses is always a classy choice, and these gold-plated premium drinkware toasting glasses will dress up any occasion. Break out the bottles and pour away!


18. Wine tote

It’s 2020, and everyone is always on the go. Keeping busy and keeping your wine cold at the same time is made easy with wine totes. Becoming increasingly more popular, a wine tote is a perfect solution for glass wine bottle transportation. 

Wine Carrier Tote Bag - 4 Bottle Pockets - Attractive wine bag with thick external padding, zipper and easy to carry handles. The wine tote bag is perfect for travel, picnics or a day at the beach.

When it comes to wine, the more the merrier, right? When searching for the right wine tote, look for one with room for more than one bottle. This wine carrier tote bag has four bottle pockets and will be any wine lovers new favorite travel companion.


19. Thanksgiving coffee mug

While the temperatures are cooling down outside on Thanksgiving, bring a hostess gift to keep the host or hostess warm.

Thanksgiving Coffee Mug Hostess Gift Adorable Cartoon Owls on a Tree Branch "Give Thanks"

Gifting a Thanksgiving coffee mug is a kind and casual way to say “thank you,” for all the hard work of hosting the holiday.


20. Thanksgiving turkey gift bags

Let’s wrap up our Thanksgiving gifts ideas. If you’re spending the holiday at someone’s house other than your own, you’ll most likely be bringing along a gift. Once you’ve chosen the right Thanksgiving present, you’ll need to prepare it to be gifted.

6 Large Thanksgiving Turkey Gift Bags Goodie Bags

Make the gift in its entirety even more festive and thoughtful by putting it in a Thanksgiving turkey gift bag.

More gift ideas

Now look beyond hostess gift ideas and get ready for other Holidays. Check our Christmas GiftsFunny and memorable gift to friend, coworker or relative – Part 1 – Gift Cards, Funny and memorable gift to your friend, coworker or relative – Part 2 – Classic Board Game Gifts. We will keep updating our gift ideas, so stay tuned…


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