Salmon Roll | Easy Appetizer recipes

Salmon Roll (Easy Appetizer Recipes)

Salmon Roll (Easy Appetizer recipes)

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Do you want to be ready for a party in 10 minutes? Here you go… Salmon Roll (Easy Appetizer recipes) is a solution for any party – small or big, Christmas or just family gathering. Above all, there is no need to cook anything, just slice cucumbers and cured salmon, and roll it up. Likewise, refer to the Cured Salmon (Easy and Quick Recipe) we made a week ago here:  Salmon Roll | Easy Appetizer recipes

Certainly, now you will pleasantly surprise your guests with vividly colored and amazingly delicious Salmon Rolls.

Servings: 5 slices


  • salmon 5 slices
  • small sliced cucumber – 1 or 2
  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese 2 ounces
  • dill or cilantro or parsley for decoration



  1. You can use either the Cured Salmon as we did or Smoked Salmon.
  2. Slice the Salmon fillet into thin pieces.
  3. Slice cucumber into thin pieces as well. Make small cuts on one side of the cucumber. It will become part of a fancy decoration later. You will see it.
  4. Spread Cream Cheese over the cucumber and then place the piece of Salmon on the top. Make sure that the piece of Salmon is about 1-inch shorter than the cucumber.
  5. Roll it up and secure with a toothpick.
  6. Turn your Salmon Roll into a flower by popping out the edges.

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Certainly, all the best recipes for busy families have been thoroughly tested by us. In conclusion, we have to confess: we only recommend recipes and kitchen appliances that we use and like.

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