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Product Review: Wusthof 8″ Cook’s Knife with a Hollow Edge | Best Chef Knife

Product Review: Wusthof Chef Knife

Nothing is more important for a chef than a good, sharp knife. Whether you are trying to saw through onions or slice meat, a blunt knife is going to waste your time and leave you frustrated. And the food will look bad too! That’s why investing in a professional chef knife is worth every penny. Here we review the Wusthof 8″ Cook’s Knife with a Hollow Edge, a German chef knife that we think is head and shoulders above the competition. Remember: we only recommend products that we have personally tested in our recipes.


Wusthof Classic - 8" Cook's Knife w/Hollow EdgeWe used this classic Wusthof knife to make our delicious vegetable platter and fruit platter. What a sleek, beautiful German Chef knife this is! Its steel runs right through from the handle to the blade, which gives it a stylish and streamlined look. You’ll feel like a professional chef with this in your hand! It has great balance and a razor-sharp edge, which means you can use it to cut with precision. Try carving a rose out of a tomato: you can’t do that with a blunt, poorly balanced knife. Not only is the Wusthof extremely sharp, its blade has dimples that help it to slide easily through tough or sticky materials such as cooked potatoes, meat or squash. And don’t worry: its protective bolster (the thick part between the handle and the blade) makes sure that your fingers won’t get cut if you slip.


Wusthof Classic - 8" Cook's Knife w/Hollow EdgeThe Wusthof knife is a German chef knife, which means it’s designed to be useful for a range of kitchen needs. (All chefs are multi-taskers!) Chef knives are generally eight inches long, which is an ideal length for most home cooks too. Twelve- or fourteen- inch knives are simply enormous: you need a strong arm to even lift them! Whereas knives that are six inches and below can be good for some precision tasks, but generally can’t handle bigger things like cuts of meat. The Wusthof Chef knife is perfect, whether you are doing finicky tasks, like slicing garlic, or heavy-duty kitchen work, like cutting squash. We tried carving up a whole chicken with our Wusthof knife and it worked perfectly.


Wusthof Classic - 8" Cook's Knife w/Hollow EdgeWhen you handle this knife, you can feel its robustness. It’s made of stainless steel, which means it won’t rust. And while chefs say that stainless steel is harder to sharpen than carbon steel, its longevity and reliability still makes it the best choice for a regular home chef. Also, Wusthof knives are known for retaining their edge, so you don’t have to worry about too much sharpening. This knife even comes with a lifetime warranty: it is made to last.


What Is the Best Chef Knife?


German kitchen knives come highly recommended by chefs around the world, but they get good competition from Japanese chef knives. What are the differences? German knives are generally a bit larger and heavier, and on average tend to be slightly less sharp. However, they are usually more robust and less breakable. Take me: We’ve had a set of Wusthof knives for seven years. We’ve moved house with them three times (we would never leave them behind!) and dropped them on the floor more times than we can remember. But they still don’t have a dent, and they still slice like a dream!


The 8″ Mac Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife is a Japanese knife that’s similar to the Wusthof 8″ Cook’s Knife. There’s no doubt that this is also a great product. Like the Wusthof, it is deft and maneuverable. It is very sharp and it has a dimpled blade. These are both great knives, but on balance we think the Wusthof offers better value for money. This knife’s robust, reliable stainless steel, and its great feeling in the hand, makes it the best choice overall. (We also think the Wusthof is a bit more stylish! Also well-known German engineering achieved high levels of sophistication both in cars and in German kitchen knives.)


The only downside of the Wusthof is its cost. This is a professional knife, and its price reflects that fact.

Those of you who would like a cheaper model might consider the 8″ Cangshan R Series 62625 Chef Knife


or even the cheaper 8″ Wusthof Pro Cook’s Knife.

Those knives will do the job from day to day. However, they won’t offer the sharpness, balance or efficiency of the professional Wusthof knife. If you can afford it, we believe that a quality chef knife repays the investment for years to come.


Wusthof have been making great knives since 1814, and this is another Wusthof classic. It will last for years and it will make your life in the kitchen simpler and more enjoyable. If you are ready to invest in a truly superior cooking knife, you should look no further as German kitchen knives are the top-notch and won’t let you down ever.

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