Vegetable Platter

How to make a Vegetable Platter

How to make a Vegetable Platter

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Learn how to make a Vegetable Platter. It will take just a few minutes to grasp the veggie tray ideas and implement them into real life. Any party food ideas are warmly welcomed by the best and most appreciative audience – your family and friends. There are no right or wrong veggie tray ideas. Keep experimenting and widening your comfort zone. You can’t unleash your real talents and true creative potential if you don’t try a lot of party food ideas.

Always remember delicious and healthy veggie dip is a cherry on the cake for making a Vegetable Platter. People might forgive you for many decoration faults if the veggie dip is tasty and yummy.

Servings: 1 large vegetable platter. Approximately, there will be 9 servings, 1.76 ounce (50 g) for each serving.


  • 1 bell pepper
  • 1 large cucumber
  • 3 mid-size tomatoes
  • 5 small leaves of lettuce
  • dill
  • parsley
  • 1.8 oz bocconcini cheese
  • 5.6 oz veggie dip



  1. Cut off the top of the bell pepper and remove seeds.
  2. Slice a cucumber into oval shapes. Take half of the ovals, and slice them down the center, creating half-ovals.
  3. Slice 1 tomato into an oval shape. Slice another tomato into a half-oval shape.
  4. Carve a rose from the 3rd tomato.
  5. Fill the bell pepper with veggie dip and put it into the center of the plate.
  6. Stack 3 leaves of lettuce on the side of the plate.
  7. Put the rose on the lettuce leaves.
  8. Place the oval-shaped cucumber slices on one side of the plate and half-oval-shaped cucumber slices on the other side of the plate.
  9. Put the half-oval shaped tomato slices between oval-shaped cucumber slices.
  10. Put the oval-shaped tomato slices on top of the half-oval shaped cucumber slices.
  11. Make 2 more roses from lettuce leaves.
  12. Decorate the platter with dill and parsley.
  13. Spread a few bocconcini cheese balls over the platter.

Now you know how to make a Vegetable Platter. It’s not difficult. Just use your veggie tray ideas, knife cutting techniques and patience. Slice, cut and carve with passion to make amazingly beautiful and delicious party platters. It doesn’t matter how many party participants you have, you should come up with the healthiest and funniest party food ideas.

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(Nutriton Facts provided is an estimate and will vary based on cooking methods and brands of ingredients used.)


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