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How to make funny and memorable gift to friend, coworker or relative – Part 1 – Gift Cards

Here at we provide you with simple and effective solutions. It is a sensitive question how to make funny and memorable gift to friend, coworker or relative. We take it very seriously. Just think about it. You might either make your best friend’s day or break it. You really have to give it some thoughts before making the final decision.

Let’s start the slicing and dicing of decision-making process.

How well do you know your friend, coworker or relative?

  • All-purpose Gift Cards

Probably you are not a complete stranger to a potential gift recipient. Anyway, you still might not have an intimate understanding of his or her needs and desires. If it is the case, then your best option is to go with a Gift Card. You have a lot of great choices. Start with an all-purpose neutral gift card with no specific purpose. Gift Card in a Gift Box Sleeve Gift Card in a Pineapple Sleeve

  • Travel Gift Cards

Know your friend’s preferences better. Let’s say, you are aware that he or she dreams about going on vacation to a tropical paradise, then consider these travel gift card.

Southwest Airlines Gift Card

  • Special Occasion Gift Cards

A special occasion gift cards are always reasonable choices. Bring the most positive emotions of love, support and faithfulness. Give best wishes to just married couples with wedding party gift card.

Cards and Gifts Wedding Sign

Also you might think of where and how they will keep all the Gift Cards received from numerous friends and family members. Definitely Shoe Box is not a valid option. So get organized and be proactive in your card gifting ideas. Wedding Gift Card Holder will save beautiful bride and handsome groom from big headache.

White Birdcage Wedding Gift Card Holder


New Baby Gift Card or  Baby Shower Gift Card is another special occasion choice. It is still quite generic but there is a personal touch that might make the difference and dramatically improve your relationship with a person who receives this token of appreciation from you.

Mushy Moments Baby Milestone Photo Cards Gift Set. Complete with Keepsake box and infographic. New Baby / Baby Shower Gift


Now let’s dive deeper into special occasion gift cards. All of them are equally important in our lives.

Anniversary Gift Cards are warmly welcomed by friends and family members. The good thing about this type of card is they are fully tailored. Make any changes. Everything is on your fingertips. You can insert any photo, add any amount between $25 and $2,000, or write up to 300 words and then print the card at home. Gift Cards - Print at Home
Graduation Gift Cards will pleasantly surprise young generation and motivate them for further academic achievements. These Gift Cards come in a Graduation Cap Box. Again it is your choice of amount. You can put any amount. Minimum is $25, maximum – $2,000.

Finally, your coworkers will be glad to receive Retirement Gift Cards from you. The same flexible options are applicable to this type of Gift Cards as well. The sky is the limit of your creativity. Bring joy and spirit of a new adventure to your Gift Card.

If you know the preferences of your friends, coworkers and relatives, then stay tuned. In our next post you will learn about other funny and memorable gifts for your loved ones…

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How to make funny and memorable gift to friend, coworker or relative - Part 1 - Gift Cards
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How to make funny and memorable gift to friend, coworker or relative - Part 1 - Gift Cards
Funny and Memorable Gift Cards to friend, coworker, relative. Choose your Wedding Gift Cards, Travel Gift Cards, Baby Shower Gift Cards, Anniversary Gift Cards, Graduation Gift Cards and Retirement Gift Cards with love and passion.
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