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How to care for a Wood Cutting Board by Paul Clark

Certainly, here at we share with our readers the most relevant and cost-effective information. It covers any topic about kitchenware, cookware, bakeware and all other gadgets related to the kitchen activities. Recently we published a Post “How to maintain a wood cutting board”. Most importantly, Paul Clark, the owner of Clark’s brand and inventor of CLARK’S Complete Cutting Board Care Kit knows about this topic more than anyone. In other words, below he will answer all our questions on How to care for a Wood Cutting Board.

Expert Opinion on how to maintain Wood Cutting Boards

Question: How did you start you business? How did you come up with the idea of maintaining wood cutting boards?

Answer: First of all, let’s see if I can answer some of your questions and give you a little more info about our company. This all started back in 2013, at the time I was a full-time sales manager and part time woodworking hobbyist. On the weekends and after work my buddy and I would go to his shop and work on all sorts of projects. My favorites were cutting boards, rolling pins, pepper grinders, and pizza peels. I soon came to realize that wood products that would be coming in contact with food or involved in the food preparation process would need to have some type of special finish applied to them.

Research of Existing Wood Cutting Board Maintenance Products

Question: Did you test the existing products?

Answer: Yes, I began to do research and found that there were only about 3 or 4 products available on the market. So, I decided to buy them all and try them out. What I discovered was they were either overpriced, or the ingredients that they used left a lot to be desired both in the finished look and in the texture and smell. It was at that moment that I decided if this is all the market has to offer than I will come up with something better that I can use on my own projects.

The birth of Clark’s Brand

Question: Interesting…It looks like a start of a big research project. Was it a trial and error method?

Answer: Pretty much…So, after about 6 months of researching different food grade ingredients, testing to see which ones could combine to provide me with the best finish possible I came up with two products that would give me a far superior outcome both in the durability of the finish as well as the color and shine it brought out of the wood. So that was the birth of CLARK’S.

CLARK'S Complete Cutting Board Care Kit

CLARK’S Complete Cutting Board Care Kit

Question: Sounds good. Could you tell us more about your products? We know that your brand – Clark’s – has gained a strong position in the market with your unique product.

Answer: Today we have continued on the same mission. We provide the most food safe alternatives to clean, protect, and preserve wood and bamboo products. One such kit that we sell is our CLARK’S Complete Cutting Board Care Kit. This kit provides the full solution to care for and maintain your cutting board or butcher block.

CLARK’S Complete Cutting Board Care Kit Components:

  • Soap

Question: What items do you have in your CLARK’S Complete Cutting Board Care Kit?

Answer: Starting with our soap, we offer a castile-based soap. Castile-based soap means that it is made entirely from vegetable fats with no animal bi-products. Above all, this soap was specially formulated to be tough on germs and grease but soft on wood fibers. Our soap is free of all bleaches, detergents and other artificial emulsifiers.

  • Cutting Board Oil

Question: What else do you provide in the kit?

Answer: Our kit also includes a bottle of our Cutting Board Oil. This food-grade mineral oil is FDA approved for direct and indirect contact with food. Mineral oil is a far superior product as it does not degrade or go rancid over time like other vegetable oils do. Our cutting board oils are also fortified with vitamin E. Also they are combined with different all-natural essential oils both for their pleasant aroma but most importantly for their long lasting anti-microbial properties which help keep your wood food-safe.

  • Cutting Board Finish Wax

Question: Excellent. Anything else? What would be the cherry on the top?

Answer: Also included is a jar of our wax finish. Unlike other wax pastes on the market, we use a high concentration of both carnauba (hardest natural wax available derived from palm leaves) and beeswax to provide a durable and longer lasting finish that will both bring out more of the color in the wood as well as hold up to every day abuse. Our wax finish is also combined with the same anti-microbial essential oils as our Cutting Board Oil.

  • Cutting Board Foam Applicator, Buffing pad & Scrub Brush

Question: Carnauba sounds exotic. It reminds me of a Brazilian carnival. There is already a very solid and comprehensive solution. Does your list go on?

Answer: In our kit we also provide a foam applicator that can be used to apply both the oil and the wax in order to give a smooth finish and minimize waste. A white buffing pad can be used to buff off any excess wax and give the wood a nice satin finish. Lastly, our newest product which is a cutting board scrubber. We used our same solid maple wood applicator handle and had it custom made into a scrubber brush by inserting Tampico bristles into the bottom.


Question: Could you explain about Tampico bristles?

Answer: To clarify, Tampico bristles are a natural fiber derived from the agave plant in Mexico. These bristles are long lasting. Also, they provide excellent abrasiveness while still being supple enough to not scratch or mar your wood surface.

You can use it on ANY type of  Wood Cutting Boards

Question: Do your products work better on any specific types of Wood Cutting Boards?

Answer: Our products work on all wood products whether they be maple, cherry, walnut or any type of exotic wood. For example, for Bamboo we now have a line of Bamboo oil, wax and soap as well.

CLARK'S Cutting Board Oil & Wax (2 Bottle Set) | Includes CLARK'S Cutting Board Oil (12oz) & CLARK'S Finish Wax (6oz) | Lavender & Rosemary Scent

CLARK'S Cutting Board Soap (12oz) | Enriched with Lavender & Rosemary Oils | Organic & 100% Natural | Sanitize Butcher Blocks & Bamboo Boards

Above all, we are excited to provide this complete cutting board care solution. Certainly, there are no other complete cutting board solutions on the market that will clean, protect, and preserve your cutting board and butcher blocks.

How to apply Clark’s Food Safe Cutting Board Finishes

“There is variety of scents to satisfy customer’s preferences: Orange & Lemon and Lavender & Rosemary.

Finally, we hope you get to enjoy using these products as much as we enjoyed making them for you.”

Paul Clark


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How to maintain the Wood Cutting Boards
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How to maintain the Wood Cutting Boards
How to maintain the Wood Cutting Boards. Get a professional advice from the trusted expert, Paul Clark. He provides a step-by-step instructions on how to take care of Wood Cutting Boards.
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