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How to Make Crepes

How to make Crepes (Easy Crepe Recipe)

How to make Crepes (Easy Crepe Recipe) Prep Time 00H10mins Cook Time 00H40mins Total Time 00H50mins Now we are going to share with you a few recipes with the whey. Today you will learn how to simply make Crepes (Easy Crepe Recipe) to satisfy both sweet-tooth and savory dish lovers […]

Cheese Bannock (Quick Fry Bread recipe)

Quick Cheese Bannock recipe (fried bread)

Cheese Bannock (Quick fried bread recipe) Prep Time 0H30mins Cook Time 00H15mins Total Time 00H45mins Certainly, everybody loves easy, quick and delicious recipes.  In other words, these kind of recipes are in high demand at the times when you run out of all your products and there only basic ingredients left […]

Instant Pot Omelette

Fluffy and Porous Instant Pot Omelette

Instant Pot Omelette Prep Time 0H05mins Cook Time 00H30mins Total Time 00H35mins Finally, we are back after COVID-19. Let’s start from the scratch i.e. from very simple but still beautiful and delicious Instant Pot Omelette recipe. As all of our Pressure Cooking dishes it doesn’t require a lot of time […]

Omelette Souffle_Madame Poulard

Omelette Souffle

Omelette Souffle Prep Time 0H05mins Cook Time 0H30mins Total Time 0H35mins Obviously, if it looks like a pancake, if it smells like an omelette and sounds like a soufflé, you are eating Fluffy French Omelette Souffle. Originally, this recipe was introduced by Madame Poulard who lived in France at the […]

Oatmeal Porridge instant pot recipes

Oatmeal Porridge | Instant Pot Recipes

Easy Oatmeal Porridge in Instant Pot Prep Time 0H3mins Cook Time 0H30mins Total Time 0H33mins No doubt, Oatmeal Porridge is a beginner friendly recipe. Also, it is one of the healthiest recipes. Certainly, make an easy, quick and healthy breakfast with Instant Pot in 33 minutes. What we really love […]